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Public Works Minister tells Veeplaas residents ‘DA seeks to protect apartheid privileges’

By Jesica Slabbert - Jul 28, 2016
Public Works Minister tells Veeplaas residents ‘DA seeks to protect apartheid privileges’

Public Works Minister, Thulas Nxesi, together with Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan, visited some of the community of Veeplaas in Zwide, Port Elizabeth, where he assessed service delivery and community job creation initiatives in the area.

“We are consistent about the issues that must be addressed, the issues of housing, water, education, health and so on. Water and sanitation, all those issues remain the key issues, which we must address,” said Nxesi.

The Minister also took the opportunity to lambast the Democratic Alliance (DA), which he called a “party of privilege that seeks to protect apartheid privileges”.

Nxesi told residents; “It has nothing to do with you; they are just abusing the few young black kids they are putting there so that they get the black vote. They have no interest for the black working class of the country, the coloured working class, Indian, even including the white working class. They are looking for those who are in privilege; that is what DA is all about.”

He said that the ANC had committed itself in 2014 to creating six million job opportunities, especially for young people, by 2019.

“To us the EPWP (Expanded Public Works Programme) is a critical programme, in the midst of this global economic crisis when the private sector cannot be able to create new jobs fast enough. As government, we have said we have to do something, we have to act decisively, because we believe the EPWP contributes in a lot of ways. It provided financial support to the poorest of the poor, particularly to the youth and even the women,” described Nxesi.

In closing, he said “No one will defeat the ANC; the ANC will defeat itself if we are fighting amongst ourselves.”

Executive Mayor Jordaan said that housing and illegal connections were the main issues that the ANC would fix post-election.

“We are also going to build 6 000 houses in the next financial year. It is the highest number of houses to be built in a single year, and we have allocated R603 million for housing alone,” he said, adding; “The minister of energy has given us R150 million to deal with the problem of illegal connections, so that your electricity is not disrupted due to illegal connections.”

Concerning the bucket system, which is still in use in over 16 300 homes in the Metro, the Mayor said that they would get rid of this system and install flushing toilets, in not only the new houses they plan on building, but also in shack dwellings.

“This is Madiba’s Metro, and Madiba wanted us to take care of the poor, take care of the elderly, don’t sleep at night when other people go hungry, deal with those problems, that is what Madiba wants,” said Jordaan.