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Pushing reporting boundaries: Save time, deliver Excel reports at the push of a button!

Pushing reporting boundaries: Save time, deliver Excel reports at the push of a button!

The Sage Intelligence BI tool (formerly known as the BIC in Pastel) extracts data from almost any accounting or proprietary data source and renders it into Excel, a platform that is familiar to almost all managers and staff in organisations.

Quite simply, Sage Intelligence transforms Excel into your default report writer. Even better, all the development in the Excel workbook can be saved as a permanent report that can be run against the current data at any time at the click of a button!

In today’s often uncertain and competitive business environments, companies need access to crucial data to make strategic decisions. However, most SME’s do not have IT specialists, and thus do not have the ability to create BI reports. At the fraction of the cost of employing an IT specialist, Flexcel can deliver reports in Excel out of their accounting system or other databases ‘at the push of a button’.

Typically, the automation of the reports will save financial managers, accountants and operational managers hours (or even days) of their precious time each month, allowing them time to analyse the results and make meaningful business decisions instead of wasting time producing the reports.

With over 25 years of combined BI experience, Flexcel’s four-member Sage Certified consultancy team, headed by myself, delivers reports based on experience of hundreds of reports developed over the years, including management packs, divisional reports, commission and sales incentive calculations, sales and stock reports, backorders and stock re-order reports, etc.

Based on their experience, the Flexcel team can extract data and automate virtually any report into Excel, saving hours of time. The experienced team are also responsible for training the highly acclaimed Sage Intelligence ‘Excel on Steroids’ workshops which is geared to improve efficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel as a management tools.

The fact that the Excel on Steroids workshops are presented by consultants who are experts in Excel and use it every day, sets this course apart from other courses where the trainer has learned the manual to present to the class.

Sage Intelligence comes with standard Excel reports for most Sage products including Partner, Evolution and Accpac (Sage300). The team at Flexcel has developed into one of the most sought after report-writing teams in the country, and are among the few companies recommended by Sage Pastel.