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PW post: Kohler-Barnard contemplates resigning

PW post: Kohler-Barnard contemplates resigning

Democratic Alliance (DA) Shadow Minister of Police, Dianne Kohler-Barnard, has reportedly considered resigning from the party following the sharing of a Facebook post praising late former President PW Botha.

“I’ve never done something as stupid but now I must reap the hurricane and I must face up to the consequences of what I have done,” Eyewitness News quoted her saying.

“I have spoken to various people and said if that’s what I need to do and they said I should wait for the disciplinary hearing”.

Kohler-Barnard is expected to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee next week Friday, after sharing the post by freelance journalist, Paul Kirk, which included the words, “Please come back PW Botha – you were far more honest than any of these ANC rogues, and you provided far better services to the public”.

Speaking an interview with News24, party Federal Chairperson James Selfe said Kohler-Barnard would be allowed to have regal representation at the hearing, and that outcomes ranging from a fine to termination of membership, would be considered if she is found guilty.

“It was a grossly irresponsible and very damaging lapse of judgment of a senior member. It is almost inexcusable. She ought to have known better and she ought to have restrained her impulse,” Selfe said.

In an entry on its Facebook page Congress of the People (Cope) spokesperson Dennis Bloem said Kohler-Barnard’s sharing of the post “has truly sunk the DA” and that the handling of the matter would be “an acid test” for party leader Mmusi Maimane.

“While Maimane and Helen Zille hold that Kohler-Barnard’s actions were indefensible, they need to demonstrate how indefensible those actions were,” Bloem said.

“The DA, throughout its short existence, has failed to shrug off the suspicion that it is a white people’s party. Kohler-Barnard has committed a heinous faux pas. How and to what extent the DA distances itself from that will determine how and to what extent we as a party can cooperate with the DA in the future”.