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PWC and Partners Launch SignCloud

PWC and Partners Launch SignCloud

PWC has partnered with nVisionIT, a leading systems integrator, and ARX, the global leader in Electronic Signature technology, to deliver SignCloud. SignCloud is an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate Electronic Signature cloud solution. Hosted in South Africa, it will provide ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) access to the leading Electronic Signature solution tailored specifically for the local market.

As businesses move towards the digitisation of everything, they are also discovering the need to quickly establish streamlined paperless processes, with Electronic Signatures significantly assisting them in achieving this goal.

Additionally, customer demand for seamless online processing is further driving the adoption of Electronic Signatures by eliminating the print – sign - scan way of handling documents that require signatures from one or more people.  The technology stack provided by CoSign delivers benefits including process efficiency, cost reduction and optimised service delivery channels for both the private and public sectors.

With SignCloud, manual printing and time-consuming turnarounds can be completely removed from signature-dependent processes. For example, traditionally, customer or partner contracts are printed, wet-signed, scanned and then sent to the customer.

The contract therefore has to be printed each time a signature is required. SignCloud, when tied to existing solutions such as document-related workflows and content-management solutions, allows businesses to finally reach the goal of establishing the much touted paperless office by eliminating the requirement for wet-ink signatures, printing and scanning.

“PWC finds itself in a unique position where it has the partnerships, the award winning cloud platform, and the people to address all aspects of Electronic Signatures for our clients,” says Andre Oosthuisen, PWC Exordia Associate Director. “The SignCloud solution offers a centralised approach to managing Electronic Signatures, signatories and keys in the cloud - accessible to on premise employees and external stakeholders alike.”

Adds Avi Rose, Regional Sales Manager at ARX: “We are very excited about the partnership with PWC and nVisionIT, and about the capabilities that SignCloud will offer the local market.  SignCloud, which is based on our scalable CoSign signature engine, will provide South African customers with a locally managed, globally relevant Signing Solution.

With the ability to be seamlessly integrated into any document-related workflow, application or service, SignCloud will allow us to further extend our footprint into the South African market.” 

“Where clear legal status and evidentiary weight are required in signing of emails, transactions or documents the SAPO Trust Centre Advanced Electronic Signatures are seamlessly integrated and combined with the SignCloud signing capability.” 

“The SAPO Trust Centre has been accredited under the ECT Act and fully Web Trust Certified. SAPO Trust Centre Certificates are also embedded in and trusted worldwide by the Microsoft and Adobe Trusted Root Lists,”says Charles Dick, Senior Manager Business Development SAPO Trust Centre.

Piers Matthews, Solutions Director at nVisionIT outlines the offering: “The platform covers the common signing scenarios and provides integration options for bespoke solutions. Our primary goal is to deliver accelerated signature-dependent processes, reduce operating costs and improve security across industries. We believe the SignCloud feature set based on CoSign technology does that and much more.”