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Quadruple the fun: Quad biking with Wild X Adventures

Quadruple the fun: Quad biking with Wild X Adventures

Having been brought up by ‘adventure junkie’ parents, I am always keen for a new thrill and recently decided to take a friend along to the Garden Route getaway in search of the ultimate winter adventure. Since she had never been quad biking before, I knew she would enjoy time at Wild X Adventures, located just off the N2 in Wilderness.

Despite a freezing-cold winter morning, we woke filled with great excitement and anticipation. After a quick breakfast, we headed out.

We arrived at Wild X and were warmly received by their friendly staff and our guide for the day. After a short safety briefing session, we kitted up in pink helmets, took a few selfies and we were ready to ride!

Our adventure started out fairly slowly as we became familiarised with both the quad bikes and the track. It was not difficult. I found the bikes easy to ride - and they were fully automatic, so even if it’s your first time, you will master them in no time. Their staff can also show you how it’s done. Feeling confident, we built up some speed.

All the while, our professional guide kept a steady pace and a watchful eye to ensure that we did not fall behind, go off route and that our handling of the machines was safe.

Probably the height of our adventure was the route itself. It is a windy track that takes you through the Garden Route’s spectacular scenery and a pristine forest, which provided us with plenty of opportunities to ramp the quad bike over tree roots and sandy banks. Many twists and turns also made the route puzzling but fun.

Although we did get stuck off the beaten track a couple of times, it was worth the laugh, trying to ‘bundu-bash’ out of the situation and back on course! At the end of the day we left with some mud on our clothes, many photos and great happiness.

I also found the quad bike adventure just perfect for families wanting some fun outdoors. Kids are welcome and may ride pillion with adults while the older kids ride their own bikes under the watchful supervision of guides. Bring great excitement, a hat and sunblock, water, closed shoes and Wild X will provide the bike and helmet.

Wild X Adventures also offers a wide range of other family weekend activities including kayaking, paintball, paragliding, rock climbing and more. Call 074 646 9582 or visit www.wildx.co.za today.