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Quest School for Autistic Learners gets a new swing set and playground

By Jesica Slabbert - Mar 16, 2017
Quest School for Autistic Learners gets a new swing set and playground

Thanks to fundraising campaign that was run by CTU Training College in Port Elizabeth and Mr PE 2016, Nicholas Affat, the Quest School for Autistic Learners, which is located along Hoy Street, South End, Port Elizabeth, managed to upgrade their playground.

Quest is the first school founded in the Eastern Cape for autistic children of school-going age. It takes pupils from six years old to 18, and has a hostel facility for children from outside the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

It is now the only government subsidised school in the Eastern Cape for children with autism.

Despite swings being utilised as a form of therapy for the children, the previous playground could only accommodate  one, so fights would sometimes break out over, who would get a chance to use it.

From the money raised during the campaign, the school now has a new set of swings and a bigger playground area.

Speaking at the handover on Thursday, the Principal of Quest School, Lottie De Vries, said that the donation is a great blessing for them and the children.

“We really feel grateful. We felt like the whole Port Elizabeth community feels for us and supports us.

“I am very happy that the children can be on the swings. They enjoy playtime and look forward to It,” said De Vries.

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