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R1.33 Billion Needed To Upgrade All Metro Water Treatment Works

OCTOBER 15, 2014
R1.33 Billion Needed To Upgrade All Metro Water Treatment Works

A total of R1.33 billion will be required to upgrade all the water treatment works supplying Nelson Mandela Bay, according to a report to be submitted to the Infrastructure, Engineering and Energy Committee on Friday.

The report points out that the 1.15 people living in the metro use approximately 300 megalitres of water a day, adding that the Water Master Plan indicates consistent growth of 2-3% in water demand a year.

“Over the past few years demand has even increased by as much as 6%.”

This consistent growth, it notes, “is good reason for the refurbishment and upgrading of all municipal water treatment works in order to supply good quality potable water to all metro consumers in the near and long-term future”.

Some R800 million of the funding will be required for the Nooitgedagt treatment works with work having started in 2005 and the project now 70% complete.

The report says a phased approach is being adopted with approximately R580 million having been invested in the works to date.

The report states that much of the planning and implementation is running concurrently, “which will assist in meeting a 95% capital expenditure rate by June 2015”.

It adds that in the next five years all the refurbishment and upgrading work at the treatment works will have been completed and they will then be “highly automated and modernised.

“Potable water of a very high quality will produced and supplied to NMBM customers,” and will meet the Blue Drop compliance criteria. - MetroMinutes.


Photo courtesy of www.wisegeek.com