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R20-million for electrification programme

OCTOBER 14, 2014
R20-million for electrification programme

The metro has allocated just over R20 million for its electrification programme in the current financial year, of which R18 million will be transferred from the Department of Energy.

Electricity and Energy says that the tar-get for 2014/15 is to electrify and connect approximately 2 173 households.

This, it explains, is in line with the 7-Yeasr Human Settlement Plan which it follows.

In the first three months of 2014/15, the directorate connected 683 households, which is 31% of the annual target at a total cost of R7.7 million, which is 38% of the annual budget.

The directorate states that it faces challenges such as “the continuous shortage of materials at stores” and civil/housing contract work delaying electrification projects in some areas.

Despite this, it adds, it will strive to complete all the listed projects by the end pf June next year. - metrominutes


IMAGEsourced from commons.wikimedia.org