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Radio show plays critical role in journalism programme

Jun 8, 2016
Radio show plays critical role in journalism programme

A weekly podcast radio show aired by second-year journalism students is proving a critical litmus test in measuring student’s development and readiness to leave the lecture hall and enter the broadcast industry.

The current affairs show, titled “This Week on WSU Radio”, was started by the journalism department in 2015, after an agreement with a local radio station to train students was discontinued.

The show forms an important part of the journalism programme’s curriculum in teaching and training students on the art of radio broadcast.

As part of their production schedule, students are expected to conceptualise, pitch research and collect information, write a script, and finally, read their own stories on air before the show goes public.

“We give them full licence to do any story they like, so long as the topic is of public interest. This is an integral part of the multi-faceted discipline of journalism to ensure that we give students a broad-based experience of the field (journalism),” said broadcast lecturer and industry professional Jeff Moloi.

Moloi, a household name within the broadcasting circles, said the department has designed a programme that seeks to bring as much professionalism and industry experience as possible in the learning environment.

He said it was vital that students start to conduct themselves in a professional manner as early as in the lecture hall so as to mitigate the difficulties that come with the transition from the learning environment to the industry.

One of the students, Busisiwe Gwebecimele, said the show was a fantastic tool to tell Eastern Cape stories, by people from within the province, to people within the province.

“This show has so much potential to grow and reshape the regional radio landscape because it targets a void that exists within the market. There are no current affairs talk radio stations within the province that look at exclusively dedicating time to unpacking and analysing issues confronting our people,” said Gwebecimele.

Her counterpart, Lubabalo Mashiqana, said he hopes the show will gain notoriety and grow to influence people to make informed political, social and economic decision in all corners of the province.

The show is aired every Thursday and can be accessed through the official WSU Facebook page, or the show’s Facebook page on ‘This Week on WSU Radio’.