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Raggy Charters assists in the arrest of suspects with 435 Alikreukel in Seaview

JANUARY 21, 2015
Raggy Charters assists in the arrest of suspects with 435 Alikreukel in Seaview

Raggy Charters, a marine safari company based in Port Elizabeth, on Tuesday morning assisted in the arrest of four suspects after they illegally collected about 435 Alikreukel (South African Turban sea snails) in Seaview.

“At 11:18am members of the Seaview community reported people illegally collecting alikreukel in front of Main Road.

“A call was made to Inspector Dennis Mostert from DAFF and he dispatched an inspector to the scene,” Lloyd Edwards, owner of Raggy Charters, said in a statement.

“Before the inspector arrived, the suspects left the scene.”

Edwards then managed to carry out a citizen’s arrest in front of Spar and detained the suspects until the inspector arrived.

The DAFF inspector later escorted the suspects to the Seaview SAPS and a docket was opened.

“The four men and two minors were found to have 435 alikreukel, 290 of which had already been removed from their shells and 145 that were still in their shells. Once they had all been counted and the suspects charged I returned the living ones to where they belonged,” Edwards said.

“It is really nice to have the community playing a role in the protection of our marine environment.

“We have recently launched the Algoa Bay Hope Spot and we need to keep up with the objectives, so it is great to see people that are passionate about the marine environment and will do something if they see anyone harming it!”

Raggy Charters said that last December, another four suspects were apprehended in front of Seaview, also with alikreukel and again with help from the community.

They did have one permit so they were allowed to keep five and return the rest to the sea.