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Rain and snow recorded in parts of the Eastern Cape

JULY 17, 2015
Rain and snow recorded in parts of the Eastern Cape

Thunderstorms resulted in some showers over the northern and eastern parts of the Eastern Cape overnight, according to the Port Elizabeth office of the SA Weather Services. 

"Snow was reported over high ground from Graaf Reinett eastwards. Radio reports claim that disruptive snow and icing has led to the closure of numerous passes, especially around the Queenstown/ Elliot region," said Garth Sampson, Spokesman for the SA Weather Service.

"The Lootsberg Pass between Graaf Reinett and Middleburg was closed, but has since been reopened. Updates on pass closures are available on radio news reports."

Sampson following maximum and minimum temperatures and rainfall were recorded over the last 24 hours

  • Port Elizabeth                    16/08     nil
  • East London                       16/10     22 mm Light hail reported
  • Mthatha                              16/06     10 mm
  • George                                 15/06     Nil
  • Cradock                                18/02     11 mm
  • Ft Beaufort                         12/05     26 mm
  • Grahamstown                   12/03     5mm
  • Bisho                                     13/06     18 mm
  • Queenstown                     17/03     35 mm
  • Graaf Reinett                     15/00     2 mm
  • Addo                                     13/01     nil
  • Willowmore                       14/01     nil
  • Buffelsfontein                   14/-01   3 mm
  • Aliwal North                       19/00     5 mm
  • Elliot                                      18/01     4 mm

Outlook for weekend

A cold front will pass over the area, from the west,  overnight causing light rain and showers over most of the western half of the Eastern Cape and the southern parts of the eastern half of the Eastern Cape

Conditions will start clearing from the west later on Saturday.