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Rape and murder accused claims acid, not boiling water, was thrown at him

By Afikile Lugunya - Jun 15, 2018
Rape and murder accused claims acid, not boiling water, was thrown at him

A Zimbabwean man accused of brutally raping his ex-girlfriend and killing her boyfriend stunned everyone in the Port Elizabeth High Court, when he claimed that acid was thrown at him - and not boiling water, as stated in court papers.

On Thursday, the State's first witness, who also happens to be Trust Tofa’s ex-girlfriend and cannot be named, was cross-examined, by Tofa’s attorney, Advocate Chris Nel.

It is the State's case that in November 2016, Tofa went to his ex-girlfriend's home in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth, armed with an iron rod and a knife and allegedly kicked down her door.

He allegedly then assaulted her after finding her asleep before turning on her new boyfriend, Godfrey Kumire, whom he also brutally assaulted with the iron rod.

Tofa apparently stabbed the woman's sister in the head after she threw boiling water at him, before he dragged his ex-girlfriend to a house where he allegedly raped her twice.

Kumire later died from injuries sustained during the brutal assault.

Tofa was arrested for murder, housebreaking, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, kidnapping and rape.

Nel brought some images of the witness’ kitchen where the alleged beating of the late Godfrey Kumire, also Zimbabwean, occurred.

Advocate Nel asked the witnessed if she recognised the place in the images, to which she replied; “It’s the kitchen of my home”.

He told the court that Tofa - also called Chillies, alleges that a blue jug in the images contained acid, which the witness' sister threw at his face and not boiling water in a kettle, as claimed by the State.

“Chillies is lying because I’ve never seen acid at home,” the woman said.

Advocate Nel then asked her to take the court back to when the witness’ sister threw 'the boiling water' onto the accused by showing  exactly how she did it.

It has since emerged that Tofa is also serving a 12-year sentence at the St Albans Correctional Facility for an aggravated robbery that occurred in 2017.

Trial continues...