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Rattle and Hum: The best place to relax and enjoy a perfect beer

Rattle and Hum: The best place to relax and enjoy a perfect beer

Gastrobars have become extremely popular lately, serving local beers, their choice of Craft Beers and usually a variety of meal options. Most are large, crowded and noisy, which makes for a great atmosphere and increases the chances of bumping into friends.

But there are a few that offer a more personal, intimate experience. Those, whose atmosphere isn’t based on crowds, but rather on the place and the service from staff.

Looking for somewhere, where your name is remembered and your drink is poured when you are seen crossing the road. Welcome to Rattle and Hum on Stanley!

Owned and run by the mother and son team of Lee and Storm Hedderwick, Rattle and Hum takes its name from the classic late 80’s U2 album of the same name and sheds all pretences, getting back to basics with hardy wooden furniture with industrial-style pipe finishes; a rustic bar and a sheltered sidewalk area.

There’s always a great soundtrack in the background and the occasional live band on special occasions!

If it’s a daytime coffee date you are after, you can enjoy a perfect cup with company or even stay over for a late lunch. Several speciality cocktails are also on offer – ideal for a sundowner after a long day or to kick-start your evening out.

There are a few delicious items on their menu, such as Eisbein or Nacho’s, but their burgers are fantastic! Beef or chicken; stacked with your choice from a few mouth-watering options and a side fries – these won’t disappoint and are highly recommended.

As mentioned earlier, Rattle and Hum boasts a couple of excellent craft beers, namely the F.P.K. Lager; Devil’s Peak Golden Ale and Cape Brewing Company Pilsner. For the traditionalists, you can’t beat their 6 Castle Light Ice Bucket – refreshing to the last drop!

I can highly recommend frequent visits to the Rattle and Hum. The staff are exceptionally friendly with Lee and Storm very welcoming. There is a feel-good atmosphere that you cannot find at many other local establishments.

Visit them at 32 Stanley Street, in Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth, or call 041 582 2434. For more information, also find them on Facebook.