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Raw sewage flowing in Elliot for five years - DA wants Mayor to intervene

Sep 1, 2017
Raw sewage flowing in Elliot for five years - DA wants Mayor to intervene

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Sakhisizwe Local Municipality has called on Mayor, Siyabulela Nxosi, to urgently step in and address what it called the untenable collapse of service delivery in the municipality.

According to Monwabisi Malungisa - a DA Sakhisizwe Local Municipality PR Councillor, the town of Elliot has had raw sewage running through its streets "for over five years with the municipality failing to do anything about it".

"At one point the municipality attempted to send contractors, Mfura Construction, to fix the sewage problem. However, since then the problem unfortunately only became worse.

"The complete collapse of basic service delivery in this municipality is furthermore evident in the illegal dumping sites that the municipality do not clean up or restrict. It is shocking that even municipal workers use these sites to dump waste," said Malungisa.

"Furthermore, large parts of the municipality are without clean running water.

"Takalani Township has been promised clean running water since a water pump was damaged in 2012. Residents now share a water tank that is supposed to supply the whole township with water. This water tank is often without water and does not get refilled unless municipal workers are called out to attend to it."

Malungisa said that DA-run local governments implement plans to provide relief for residents, who are unable to afford basic services.

"This has especially been the case in Nelson Mandela Bay where 12 000 residents were recently been provided with clean running water in their homes for the first time," she added.

"The ANC-run Sakhisizwe Local Municipality is failing dismally to provide the most basic services to its resident.  The mayor must intervene immediately and ensure that residents' constitutional right to basic services is adhered to."