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Raw sewage flows through Mantsopa Municipality streets: DA

Jul 31, 2017
Raw sewage flows through Mantsopa Municipality streets: DA

The time has come for the Mayor of Mantsopa Municipality, Mamsie Tsoene, to urgently address the sewage crisis in Khotha Location in Tweespruit, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Free State, said on Monday.

"For over a year now, raw sewage is flowing through houses and streets and the ANC municipality has done nothing to solve this crisis. See more photos hereand here," said Tim Mpakathe -a  DA PR Councillor in the Mantsopa Municipality.

"Poor construction and shoddy workmanship have resulted in the blockages of drains and sewage spillages. Instead of maintaining current infrastructure and improving on its services, the municipality earlier this year spent R500 000 on a Mercedes-Benz for mayor Tsoene."

Mpakathe said that according to the Municipal Structures Act, the role of the mayor includes identifying the needs of the municipality and evaluate those needs in order of priority.

"Judging from the mayor's apathy on this issue, it seems that she does not regard the flow of raw sewage through houses and streets as a priority at all," he added.

"One wonders if the mayor might have paid more attention to this issue if she had to live in an environment daily where her health was compromised in this way.

"We call on the municipality to urgently repair broken infrastructure and deliver the services that the residents of Mantsopa so desperately need."

Mpakathe further said that "this kind of poor service delivery is an insult and a slap in the face of every resident who has to suffer these circumstances daily".