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Ready yourself for 2015 at IDD Skin Sense

By Claudette Camons - Jan 21, 2015
Ready yourself for 2015 at IDD Skin Sense

New Year’s resolutions almost always involve something that will improve one’s health or beauty. My advice is to pay IDD Skin Sense, which is located at 308 Walmer Boulevard, Walmer, Port Elizabeth.

I was there recently for a specialised Environ DF Sonophoresis/Ionotophoresis & Hydration Boost to restore my facial skin after the madness of the holidays. Upon my arrival at IDD Skin Sense, I was warmly greeted by owner and skin therapist, Ingrid Davey, who has specialised in these treatments since 1998.

She then led me to their treatment room where she briefly explained what the Environ DF Sonophoresis/Iontophoresis & Hydration Boost entailed.

After I was rested, Ingrid started with a wonderful hand and foot massage, which, I learnt, would soften my skin. She then applied three Environ products on my hands and feet before wrapping them in a special kind of cling wrap to facilitate maximum penetration and hydration.

I then received a DF Sonophoresis/Iontophoresis & Hydration Boost facial, which is a two part specialised treatment that assists in the treatment of pigmentation, scarring, sun-damaged, eczema skins as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Ingrid also specialises in mild Environ Skin Peels to assist with active acne/problematic skin and scarring.

After steaming my face and neck to open the pores, Ingrid then used a cleanser to remove all impurities and dead skin cells. This prepares the skin for the next step, getting the vitamins to penetrate deeper into the skin layer where collagen and elastin is formed.

She then applied a Vitamin A&C Serum, especially selected for my skin, in preparation for the DF Sonophoresis. She used the Sonophoresis probe all over my face and on the pigmentation areas.

The Hydrating Serum was then applied, and the same procedure was done. After that, I held a passive pole in my hand to assist with the penetration of the molecules into the lower layers on my skin using current (Iontophoresis). A different serum was used for this and my face was covered with a specialised Haize Gauze. This is used for first time and claustrophobic clients or the Alginate Masque.

Not only is my skin softer, smoother and glowing but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole treatment. Ingrid is hospitable, yet professional and very knowledgeable about what she does. Her rates are also just perfect.


To find out more about their treatments and products, visit IDD Skin Sense at 308 Walmer Boulevard in Walmer, PE or call 041 581 3135 today. IDD Skin Sense have also been selling natural Environ Skin Care products since 1990.