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RECAP: 31 August an interesting day in Nelson Mandela Metro

RECAP: 31 August an interesting day in Nelson Mandela Metro

The end of Winter was an extremely eventful day in Port Elizabeth on Wednesday when temperatures suddenly shot up to discomfort levels in many parts of the Eastern Cape.

Garth Sampson, the SA Weather Services' Eastern Cape Client Liaison Officer, on Friday compiled a comparison of the difference in temperatures between the Automatic Weather Station (AWS) at Shark Rock Pier and the Airport as well as other stations in the Bay.

To put things into perspective, below are the distances between the stations; 

  • Airport to Shark Rock                     6 km
  • Airport to Fettes Road                   6 km
  • Airport to Chatty                              16 km
  • Airport to Uitenhage                      35 km
  • Shark Rock to Coega                       20km
  • Shark Rock to Uitenhage              35 km
  • Shark Rock to Airport                     6 km

This is in a radius of around 15 km. 

  • Shark Rock has its “feet in the water”.
  • Coega is one km  from the bay.
  • The Airport is about 6km from the bay.
  • Fettes is one km from the bay.
  • Chatty is 11 km from the bay
  • Uitenhage is 25 km from the bay.

"I came across some interesting facts and figures in so far as the temperatures in the Metro in concerned," said Sampson.

The Maximum and Minimum temperature’s for the day, were as follows; 

  • Max Maximum                 41.2° C    Coega,
  • Min Maximum                  37.1° C    Shark Rock,
  • Max Minimum                  17.9° C    Fettes Road, and
  • Min Minimum                   12.2°C     Airport.

"As the temperature rose at 12 am the temperature difference between Shark Rock and the Airport was more than 14°C," Sampson said.



As it dropped the difference peaked at just short of 22C difference between Shark Rock and Coega.



Some interesting graphs for the day.