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Record-breaking Blue Ribbon Sandwich Experience supports local charities

May 24, 2016
Record-breaking Blue Ribbon Sandwich Experience supports local charities

Blue Ribbon bread recently beat their own personal record in making and distributing sandwiches to NGOs around South Africa. With the help of dedicated bakery employees and volunteers, SA’s much loved bread brand made 173 391 sandwiches to fill hungry tummies across the country – over 40 000 more sandwiches than last year.

The sandwich-making initiative was first established in 2015, where bakeries from four different regions were challenged to create as many sandwiches as possible using Blue Ribbon bread. A total of 132 742 sandwiches were donated to children’s homes, charity centres, church feeding schemes, schools and Meals on Wheels in 2015, so Blue Ribbon put the challenge out to their bakeries to make and donate even more sandwiches in 2016.

King William’s Town came out victorious in this year’s challenge, making a total of 24 750 sandwiches. The sandwiches were donated to Meals on Wheels, as well as other charities in the area supported on an ongoing basis.

“It was hugely rewarding to see the gratitude from the beneficiaries who received the sizeable food donation,” says King William’s Town Sales Manager Ellen Hill, who spearheaded the campaign in the area. “We got the community involved in the challenge this year and everyone joined forces to fill, assemble and pack the sandwiches. The teams were dancing and singing while working - the spirit and enthusiasm was incredible.”

Blue Ribbon hopes to continue their Sandwich Experience in 2017 and beyond, as part of their ongoing commitment to supporting NGOs through their network of bakeries throughout South Africa.

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