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Record high temperatures recorded on Monday across Eastern Cape

Oct 30, 2018
Record high temperatures recorded on Monday across Eastern Cape

Gale force winds were the order of the day along the Port Elizabeth coast on Tuesday, but Monday yielded some record temperatures over the interior, with many places recording temperatures in the 40’s, the Port Elizabeth office of the South African Weather Service said.

"These includes Patensie, Uitenhage, Graaf Reinet, Cradock, Dohne, as well as Addo, Fort Beaufort and Middleton (Henrys Flats)," described Garth Sampson, the SA Weather Service's Client Liaison Officer for the Eastern Cape.

"At the last three stations, the temperatures were a record for the month October."

 He said that at Addo, the maximum was 44.5C on 29 October 2018. 

"All-time record 46.6C on 1 February 2016," Sampson said.

"OCTOBER record 43.0C on 30 October 2017. Data from 2000."

Sampson added that at Fort Beaufort, the maximum was 43.6C on 29 October 2018.

"All-time record 44.5 C on 12 January 2001," he explained. 

"OCTOBER record 40.2C on 9 October 2018 (record broken for second time in one month). Data from 2000."

Sampson also said that at Henrys Flats (Middleton) the maximum was 42.6 C on 29 October 2018.

"All-time record 43.8 C on 4 December 2004," he described, adding; "OCTOBER record 40.1C on 28 October 2015."

Data is from 2005.

Gale force winds collapse crane at PE Harbour

On Tuesday, gale force winds collapsed a crane at the Port Elizabeth Harbour. Read about it HERE.

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