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Red Location Museum deadlock ends with negotiated settlement

May 26, 2016
Red Location Museum deadlock ends with negotiated settlement

The multiple award-winning Red Location Museum will be opening its doors again following a negotiated settlement with the community after the iconic facility was closed for three years due to unhappiness with aspects of the government’s housing rectification programme.

The municipality will now send a team of surveyors and engineers to visit the museum situated in Olof Palme Street for a thorough assessment of the extent of damage that occurred while the facility was forcefully closed. Based on the outcome of the assessment, a decision will then be made how long it will be before the museum is officially open to the general public and tourist groups.

Before handing the keys of the museum to Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor Dr Danny Jordaan, Mr Khusta Mbotyi, Chairperson of the Red Location Community Steering Committee, said: “We were responsible for closing the museum and there is no more reason for the mureseum to be closed anymore.

“Since we closed it, we now give you the mandate to open it again,” Mbotyi said.

Mayor Jordaan thanked all the role-players – including the Red Location Steering Committee and the Nelson Mandela Bay Arts Council – for their commitment and passion to resolve the impasse.

“The keys handed over here today should not just be considered as the keys to unlock the Red Location Museum, it is also the key to unlock the creative economy and the township economy.

“The challenges that the community experienced that led up to the closure of the museum must not be lost and forgotten. Human Settlements must ensure that their concerns are addressed,” Mayor Jordaan said.