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Reds captain apologises

By Natali Iverson - Sep 29, 2014
Reds captain apologises

Manchester United captain, Wayne Rooney, has apologised to his teammates for being sent off after having a rash challenge against West Ham United player, Stewart Downing.

The Reds beat West Ham 2-1 at Old Trafford in their Barclays Premiership match on Saturday, despite having only ten players on the field with 30 minutes remaining.

"It was probably the right decision. Of course I did (apologise),” the BBC’s website quotes Rooney as saying.

He also added that he will not appeal the decision, which has resulted in a three match ban and unavailable for the game against Manchester City on the 2nd of November.

West Ham manager, Sam Allardyce, has described Rooney’s challenge as “crazy and irresponsible", with Man United manager, Louis Van Gaal, saying he agrees with the referee’s decision.

"I saw the West Ham player making a counter-attack and I tried to break-up the play, but I just misjudged it," Rooney said.

"I am just grateful that the lads were able to hold on."


Photo caption: Wayne Rooney apologises to his teammates. Photo courtesy of www.sportal.com.au