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Relax at Jantra Thai Spa and Wellness Centre

By Tracey Wiltshire - Sep 22, 2016
Relax at Jantra Thai Spa and Wellness Centre

It was not so long ago that spas were considered exotic and having a massage for anything other than a sports injury was outlandish.  However, as the speed at which we live and the stress of our lifestyles increase with each passing year, I am thankful for places like Jantra Thia Spa and Wellness Centre.

Jantra Thai Spa is centrally situated at 76 Chamberlain Rd, Vincent, East London and their opening times, from 9am to 8pm, 7 days a week, are equally convenient.

The Spa is run by a family team of qualified therapists.  Jantra, which means moon in Thai, is also Pikky the Manageress’s Mothers name.

 I recently visited Jantra Thai Spa for a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage and, walking into the reception, you are greeted by the smell of incense. The décor is very much authentic Thai with deep reds colours and loads of bright patterned materials and carved wood trimmings.

The rooms are spacious and the beds are much larger than a usual massage bed and also very sturdy. They also have double rooms for couples treatments.

On arrival all clients are required to complete a questionnaire which provides the masseurs with enough medical history on which to base the massage they will provide.

My massage was brilliant as the pressure applied was both relaxing and stress relieving.  This was no co-incidence as my therapist checked my pressure preference early in the process.

If you have never been for a massage I can tell you that it is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have. The feeling of utter relaxation is simply wonderful.  After my treatment I received a homemade brew of refreshing ice tea which finished off the experience perfectly.

Jantra Thai Spa and Wellness Centre offer a variety of treatments and, in addition to the Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage that I enjoyed, there are Sports Massages, Reflexology or, as they are also known, Feet Massages,  Full Body Hot Oil Aromatherapy,  Foot Spa’s and Swedish massages to name but a few.

This spa is reasonable priced and frequently has special offers.  One thing I know for sure is that I will return for more treatments.

Contact Jantra Thai Spa and Wellness centre on 043 7211158 or 061 223 4127 or [email protected].  They are also on Facebook.

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