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Reports of Alfred Nzo SACP contesting ANC in elections untrue: SACP

Jun 2, 2016
Reports of Alfred Nzo SACP contesting ANC in elections untrue: SACP

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape on Thursday said that there had been "deliberate distortions" in a report carried by a local newspaper, the Daily Dispatch's, Thursday edition titled; 'Defiant Alfred Nzo SACP to challenge the ANC'.

According to SACP Eastern Cape Provincial Spokesperson, Siyabonga Mdodi; "There are many deliberate distortions in the article written by a supposedly seasoned journalist, Zine George, despite the clarity provided to her by the SACP Provincial Secretary, Cde Xolile Nqatha."

He said that the headline of the article “Defiant Alfred Nzo SACP to challenge the SACP” is misleading.

"It is deliberately aimed at sensational and unbalanced reporting to chase profits and at tarnishing the good name of the SACP for certain political ends. The journalist (Zine George) interacted with the SACP Provincial Secretary and she was clarified that the SACP is not contesting Local Government Elections outside the ANC led movement. This is the matter we clarified on two of our statements which the Daily Dispatch has received," Mdodi said.

He highlighted the examples below:

“The SACP in its 13th National Congress and its 3rd Special National Congress resolved to support the African National Congress in the elections. The SACP is a unitary organisation and therefore its lower organs are expected to carry the decisions of upper organs; that is non-negotiable. Therefore any transgression from the SACP National Congress resolutions will constitute gross violation of the SACP code of conduct and will never be tolerated.” - SACP Eastern Cape press statement, 11 April 2016. 

 “The SACP in the district clarified the widely reported matter that it is contesting the 2016 Local Government Elections. The SACP is NOTcontesting Local Government Elections outside the agreed process of an ANC led process. Equally as contained in the very ANC guidelines, as SACP we will not support imposed candidates and those who are corrupt” – SACP Eastern Cape PWC statement, 24 April 2016 after the SACP Alfred Nzo District Council.   

"Zine George and the Daily Dispatch went further to mislead the public by reporting that 'The SACP in Alfred Nzo has even put an advert in local community newspapers last week…'," said Mdodi.

"This, they report even though they are at the possession of the advert and its contents, and it is clear that the advert is from the Communist Party (CP) not the South African Communist Party (SACP). The advert also carries the address of the CP and its District Secretary, Z. Mqokwana, which are not those of the SACP, the District Secretary of our party in Alfred Nzo is Cde Phikolomzi Siramza."

He said that Nqatha clarified the matter to the journalist "but she continued to deliberately mislead the public and to tarnish the name of the SACP by claiming that it is the SACP that has put an advert on the local newspapers".

"The story went further to refer to Phikolomzi Siramza as the SACP Regional [District] Chairperson this despite them [Daily Dispatch] knowing fully well that he is the SACP District [Regional] Secretary. We are of the firm view that it is a deliberate distortion as to qualify this 'Z. Mqokolwana' as the SACP District Secretary as to qualify their lies that the SACP is contesting the Local Government Elections.

"We are of the firm view that this kind of journalism is part of the challenges that needs to be confronted by all. They represent the undiversified and deeply political imbedded journalism in South Africa. This is part of the poor journalism which the SACP is fighting against and calling for the transformation and diversification of the South African Media. It also goes against the principle of fair and balanced reporting," said Mdodi.

"The less said about the comments attributed to the ANC Regional Chairperson, Vukile Mhlelembana, the better, as his comments are not helping the situation and very far from uniting the movement. It is of paramount importance that as leaders we speak in a more responsible manner that will help the situation as per the resolves of the alliance in the province.

"We wish to put it on record that the SACP is NOT contesting the 2016 Local Government Elections outside the ANC led movement."