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Residents demand more patrols after teen brutally killed at 'pens down' party

By Afikile Lugunya - Oct 6, 2017
Residents demand more patrols after teen brutally killed at 'pens down' party

Residents from NU29 in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth, on Friday marched from the Motherwell police station to NU29 where the body of a 14-year-old girl was found burnt on the 1st of October after she allegedly went to a 'pens down' event at a local tavern on the previous Saturday.

She had apparently also been raped.

Her half-burnt body was reportedly found by local residents after her alleged killer, who is now in police custody, allegedly called his mother to inform her about what he had done.

Speaking for the community, eye-witness, Vulikhaya Phasiya, told RNews how the body of a teenager was discovered.

“On Sunday morning, I was awakened by a phone call and was told that something had happened in one of the vandalised flats here at NU29," Phasiya described.

“It was about 7 o’clock when I went there people were already there. As I took a closer look, I saw her body laying there. Her lower body was in ashes, her upper body from the stomach to the head was not burned.

“Down her private part there was a stick, which had already burned too, and that led us as community members to believe that she must’ve been raped."

Phasiya said that some residents knew her and called her family and the police.

“We were so angry wanting to know why because our children won’t be locked in their rooms to ensure their safety,” he added.

“Some residents told me that the mother of the boy, who did this is the one, who led them to the girl’s body as her son had called her to inform her what he had done."

The residents submitted a Memorandum of Demands to Motherwell police demanding increased patrols "because these things happen because they are not around", according to Phasiya.

Some of things mentioned in the memorandum include;

  • More police patrols;
  • Taverns to close on time and to not admit anyone under the age of 18;
  • That vandalised or unfished houses in the area be destroyed or be fixed so that they can be occupied - as they are being used by criminals; and that
  • Anyone found walking drunk in the night, be arrested.

Speaking at the march, Ward 54 Councillor, Morgan Tshaka, said that he understands that those vandalised houses are a problem as many incidents have occurred in them.

“We are busy engaging the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality about these houses and there will be progress soon, as the municipality is in the process of appointing contractors so that they can finish what they have already started," he said..

"When these houses were vandalised, I was not informed as the councillor of this ward, but when I met with Nqaba Mbanga, he said that, since these houses are duplexes, in the next five years, they can be a problem."

Tshaka said that Municipal engineers came to check the problem with the duplexes and a report was submitted to the Metro. They are just waiting for the municipality to table the matter in a Council meeting.

Addressing the crowd, the Motherwell SAPS' Lt. Colonel Perils, said that as the Motherwell SAPS cluster, they plan to discuss ways to work with residents to stop incidents like the murder from happening again.

“The purpose of today is to see how we can work together with NU29 residents as the police of Motherwell to establish a working relationship so that we can get rid of crime in our area.

“I will have to look at taverns because every weekend you see the youth wondering around the streets drunk,” Colonel perils said.

Speaking for the Youth, Zandile Ngqokwe, said that enough is enough.

“We can not sit down and be quiet after hearing something like this had happened to one of our own and that is why you see us here today - we say enough is enough,” Ngqokwe said.

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