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Resolutions from meeting between Mayor Bobani and the ANCYL

By Afikile Lugunya - Nov 20, 2018
Resolutions from meeting between Mayor Bobani and the ANCYL

“We are going to be on the neck of this municipality and we are going to move on with speed,” Bongani Mani, a member of the African National Congress Youth League's (ANCYL) Regional Executive Committee (REC), told the media on Monday after meeting Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, and his mayoral committee.

The meeting came about after the ANCYL last week accused Mayor Bobani of choosing to ignore local youth development issues in the Bay.

Mani said that meeting Bobani and his ANC-dominated Mayoral Committee, showed that they were being taken seriously.

He said that the meeting entailed youth development in the Nelson Mandela Bay and how it can begin to happen at the City Hall.

Mani said that there was an agreement with the mayor for the formation of an interdepartmental Youth Unit in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. 

“We also requested that there be an establishment of a Central Database of all Youth Unemployment stats, which are properly categorised in order to create a clear picture around where there is intervention needed. This ought to be done through municipal visits to all areas of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality,” he described.

Reviewing the Youth Development Policy was also an issue brought on the agenda, as the policy was last reviewed and amended in 2016 according to the ANCYL.

IPTS system

Amongst other things, the ANCYL said that they suggested that the Metro's Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS), which was launched in the Northern Areas last year, acts as a shuttle for Nelson Mandela University students, who reside in the township as institution cannot handle the load of students with their few Blunden buses that focus on those staying in the CBD while neglecting township students from Motherwell, Zwide Uitenhage, Despatch etc.

The IPTS already has a discount of at least 10% for students, who are registered at the university and can show their students cards, however the ANCYL feels that is not enough.

The Regional Spokesperson of the ANCYL, Siviwe Ngaba said that matter is urgent and the municipality must assist in that regard instead of having over 50 buses just standing at its bus depot.

“The introduction of free or subsidized transport for students between these institutions and the CBD will ensure that the already existing transport system in these institutions can be broadened to accommodate students who reside in the location and the outskirts of Port Elizabeth,” he said.

“We can’t have buses parked there and not used by anyone in any route. They must be used by the students and work as a shuttle service.”

Meeting Resolutions

After long discussions with the Mayor and his Mayoral Committee, the ANCYL said that they agreed on the following:

• That the Youth Development Policy be reviewed, amended and renewed. This is to be done through a youth summit to be organised by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality with all relevant stakeholders around the Metro. This summit, is due to sit anytime between now and the end of January 2019 latest, subject to the logistical feasibilities.

• That the municipality is waiting for an audit report on the condition of all municipal buildings. These buildings, once audited, will either be renovated, demolished and rebuilt, or refurbished depending on the recommendations of the audit. The MMC: Infrastructure and Engineering, has already initiated this process and is working speedily to resolve these matters.

• That there be an establishment of an office in the municipality, represented by a delegation of two people from each sector, which will work directly with the Mayor’s office in monitoring the implementation of all these agreed interventions.

• That the Mayor establishes an operational committee, headed by a delegation of MMCs, to monitor progress and ensure transparency in the implementation process.

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