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RESTYLE YOUR SUMMER LOOK: Get pampered and spoilt by the Razormaids

RESTYLE YOUR SUMMER LOOK: Get pampered and spoilt by the Razormaids

While driving down Circular Drive in Lorraine, Port Elizabeth, I noticed a new establishment called Razormaids, which incorporates a professional nail bar, beauty and hair salon in one place. Coincidentally, I was also looking to restyle my look for our company’s end of year party. I promptly made a booking.

Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed and offered some refreshment. I decided on some rooibos tea before being introduced to Keri Gardiner from Nail Mystique, the in-house nail bar. After a quick discussion, I decided on acrylic nails with tips as I wanted a French manicure look.

Keri got to work and kept up a friendly chat which made me feel welcome in their salon. A short while later my nails were done. I was very excited with the result. While the tips looked and felt natural, the acrylic paint had not left my nails feeling very thick - which is often a concern when having your nails done.

Afterwards, I was introduced to Sarah, from Breezy Beauty, who was to give me a facial. She was also very professional and friendly - and even gave me a little jewellery box to keep my earrings while I had my treatment.

During the facial, I felt completely relaxed and nearly fell asleep. I have had many facials and have never felt so much at ease. Perhaps, you are familiar with how facials can be agonising and leave you with an embarrassing red face afterwards; I was surprised at how Sarah did it so painlessly. She also explained to me that steaming your face well, before the extractions, helps impurities to come out more easily.

After my facial, it was time for my hair. Gaynor, the hair stylist, and I chatted briefly about the condition of my hair. I decided a moisturising treatment would be best. As part of the treatment, I also got a massage which left me a very happy customer. Afterwards, my hair was rinsed, blow dried and styled. The end result was smooth, silky and healthy-looking hair.

Gaynor also told me about a new keratin steam treatment that the Razormaids will soon be introducing. The treatment restores keratin to dry and damaged hair, keeping the hair strong and healthy.

For all the pampering and service that I got, the pricing was very reasonable. I will definitely be taking another drive down to Circular Drive soon! Razormaids is open from Tuesday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 and to 13h00 on Saturdays.

To find out more, call 041 818 7889 or email [email protected]