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Reveal your silky smooth skin with IDD Skin Sense

Reveal your silky smooth skin with IDD Skin Sense

Have you ever thought about getting a wax but ended up dropping the idea due to fears? Well, I also did until a work colleague told me about IDD Skin Sense Beauty Salon. Still somewhat hesitant, I plucked up enough courage and visited their salon in the posh suburb of Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth.

On arrival, I was given a friendly welcome by Ingrid Davey, the owner and professional therapist, who immediately calmed my nerves. I had booked my first ever eye-brow and leg-wax.

Following a brief chat about the treatment, Ingrid started with my legs. She gently rubbed a powder to soften the target areas. Then a rolling device was used to apply the warm wax. Once settled, wax strips were used to remove the hair.

Though I initially felt a slight sting, it disappeared quickly and for the rest of the wax there wasn’t much to it - all those myths about waxing suddenly vanished.

Thereafter, I received a relaxing massage with an oil cleanser and moisturising gel to smoothen and reduce any redness, which was minimal as the process was done so delicately and professionally.

Ingrid then moved on to my eyebrows for the next part of the treatment. She began by applying a refreshing gel to relax the area. My brows were given a slight tint to help in the shaping of the eye area. Thereafter, she applied the wax and wax strips for the hair removal.

Tweezers were used for the final touch ups.

Wow! The end result was absolutely amazing. I had perfectly-shaped eyebrows to compliment the shape of my face.

I was so thrilled with the results that I decided to have the lip wax as well. Of course, Ingrid did not disappoint here either.

After the waxing was finished, my legs and eyebrows felt soft, smooth and moisturised. I felt proud that I had given it a try. It really wasn’t as people make it out to be and I will definitely be back soon!

If you or a friend is considering a professional waxing procedure, in a calm, peaceful setting, and with excellent results, then look no further than IDD Skin Sense. They also offer a number of beauty treatments for guys and ladies - such as facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, ear candling, and over 22 years Ingrid has been the Eastern Cape/ Transkei distributor and trainer for Environ Skin Care products. She has been with the company for 25 years and has 32 years’ experience in the beauty industry.

Visit them at 9 Whitby Street in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth or call 041 583 3484 or visit www.iddskinsense.co.za