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Revenge the likely motive behind Orlando nightclub shooting

By Charl Bosch - Jun 23, 2016
Revenge the likely motive behind Orlando nightclub shooting

An Orlando man claiming to be the former lover of nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, has alleged the 29-year old acted out of revenge when opened fire inside the Pulse Nightclub on June 12th.

According to reports, the man, who only identified himself as Miguel, said Mateen had become angered when he discovered that a Puerto Rican he previously slept with, later admitted to being HIV positive.

“When I asked him what he was going to do now, his answer was 'I’m going to make them pay for what they did to me,” Miguel said.

Despite allegedly pledging allegiance to Islamic State (Isis) in a 911 call before carrying out the attacks, Miguel said Mateen began showing hatred for gay Puerto Rican men after the announcement, adding that “I believe this crazy horrible thing he did was for revenge”.

Several eyewitnesses have also alleged that Mateen, whose father stated he became angry when witnessing two men kissing in front of his young son, frequently visited the club on a number of occasions before the shooting, with the local Orlando Sentinel reporting that two men had communicated with Mateen on gay smartphone apps in the past.

Sources close to the investigation have meanwhile told Reuters that FBI investigators were moving away from treating the shooting as a terror attack, but one with personal motives seemingly in mind.

“It looks increasingly like this may have been the act of a seriously troubled individual whose personal problems dwarfed any last-minute inspiration from radical groups,” one official was quoted as saying.

A total of 49 club goers were killed and 53 injured when Mateen unloaded a series of short with a semi-automatic gun just after 2AM. He was killed three hours while trying to escape through a wall that had been smashed by an armoured police vehicle. A handgun was also found in his possession.

Mateen’s ex-wife has since stated he might have been living a gay lifestyle but could not bring himself to admit it due to the standard set-out by his father.