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Review: 2017 Isuzu KB 250 Double Cab - A trusty friend moving up in the world

By Graeme Lund - Nov 17, 2017
Review: 2017 Isuzu KB 250 Double Cab - A trusty friend moving up in the world

I have owned and driven many cars over the past 30 years and the sturdy Isuzu KB 250D that I owned 15 years ago remains one of my favourites and I am not at all surprised that I still see many of them on the road today.

At that time, I was dating a young lady from Port Elizabeth, whose family where farmers. On my first visit to meet her mom, dad, aunts and uncles and host of cousins on their farm just outside Patensie, I was welcomed with open arms and warm smiles. 

It was only on the return trip that that my girlfriend informed me that it was my Isuzu bakkie, and not my poor attempts to communicate in Afrikaans, that had her family liking me.

Isuzu has a long reputation of building quality bakkies that handle the roughest of dirt roads with ease and familiarity and the 2017 KB 250 D-TEQ X-RIDER 4x4, which I recently had the pleasure of driving, offered the same familiar sturdiness but with a level of comfort and styling that I particularly enjoyed.

The major difference between my old bakkie and the latest model is the power train that produces 100kW of power and 320Nm of torque at 1800-2200 revs. 

This is more than sufficient to tow your boat, caravan or horse box anywhere and enough to allow you to overtake the old KB 250D, should you encounter one, on the open road.

The interior is spacious and very comfortable.  Everything, from the door handles to the electric window buttons to the temperature dial, is strong and durable. 

No dirt road or potholes are going to shake anything loose in an Isuzu. It is no doubt that this great build quality of the Isuzu’s has ensured that they have always had fantastic resale value.

The 2017 KB 250 has a host of features that were unheard of in the early 2000s, including keyless entry and starting and hill descent control and hill start assist. These may sound like unessential sales gimmicks to the hardened off road driver but, once you’ve used them once or twice, you wonder how you coped without them.  (Think of the small push button cell phones of the 2000’s compared to the larger touch screen phones of today).

The exterior finish on the KB 250 is not only of very high quality but also very attractive.  The alloy wheels, LED lights and beautifully finished and fitted role bar make this bakkie rather stylish.

Toss your mountain bike in the load box or cart bags of cement and gravel to your new borehole in the day and head to your favourite trendy restaurant in the evening and it’s all the same to the functionality and practicality of these lovely bakkies.