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Review - the Volvo XC40 is the sexiest car on the road

By Graeme Lund - Sep 4, 2018
Review - the Volvo XC40 is the sexiest car on the road

The first compact SUV from Volvo

Compact SUV’s are all the rage and have been for a while. The Volvo XC 40 is the first compact SUV by Volvo and a late comer to the market.

The competition is hectic and Volvo must have known that to enter this race as a late starter they would have to produce something spectacular.

And that is precisely what they have done. To my mind the Volvo XC 40 is the sexist compact SUV on the market.

Its solid proportions, high ground clearance and shapely contours are downright sexy. It reminds me Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman fame - beautiful, strong and very likeable.

XC40 is a Volvo through and through

I happened to take my 12 year old daughter with on the test drive. I had told her to be respectfully quiet while Melissa from Volvo took us through the features. Halfway through Melissa’s explanations my daughter could just not contain her excitement at the amazing features and exclaimed with glee - repeatedly.

Volvo have always been innovative and much of what I found in the XC40 was awesome. Little things such as a hand bag holder on the cubby holder in the front passenger foot well and the seriously impressive talking and listening intelligent assistant make this car very appealing.

I test drive a lot of cars and am constantly amazed that so very few cars have a place where you can securely place your cell phone. The XC40 not only has an ergonomically placed cell phone holder but it also wirelessly charges the phone.

The Infotainment Centre is similar to those found in the bigger and more sophisticated Volvo’s. The screen is huge and works just like a cell phone. Each function has its own App and you can slide from screen to screen.

It goes without saying that all the modern features expected in a luxury car are found in the Volvo XC40.

Driveability and comfort

There is something about sitting in a Volvo that is very unique. The colour combinations, the smooth lines of the dashboard and centre console and firm and embracing seating make it the XC40 very comfortable.

I was able to connect my cell phone, adjust the seating optimally and determine all the necessary buttons, levers and switches to depart from Volvo Port Elizabeth in under a minute. This is no particular skill on my part but rather great design by Volvo. Considering the incredible amount of functionality that is available with a touch, flick or swivel, this is no mean feat.

The AWD and ample power of the XC40 Momentum D4 AWD 140 kW and 400Nm that I drove makes the Volvo XC 40 fast and manoeuvrable. In traffic, the height, shortish length, smooth transmission and ample power make getting from traffic light to stop street easy. I know there were frequent speed bumps and pot holes on the route I drove but I can’t recall them causing any discomfort.

On the freeway I dug in my spurs and this amazing car responded like a thorough bred at the races.

It would be difficult to have an accident in this car through your careless driving.

I took my hands off the steering wheel on the freeway and the XC40 guided me away from barrier, slowed me down when I got to close to the car in front, warned me when I exceeded the speed limit.

Even with both hands on the wheel, the brakes were lightly touched when a car pulled into my lane unexpectedly. Great for when your eyes wonder to the rear view mirror or you can’t take your eyes of the accident on the side of the road (clearly THEY had not been driving a Volvo).

For more information or to book a test drive call Volvo Port Elizabeth on 041 365 0035.