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Ricochet Publishing continues to expand

Apr 26, 2018
Ricochet Publishing continues to expand

Ricochet Publishing, a Port Elizabeth based publishing house, is the largest privately owned publisher based in the Eastern Cape.

The company is the owner of well-known media brands RNEWS, Wedding and Function, Home Food and Travel, Business LinkKids Connection and Bargain Buys.

Graeme Lund, owner and Managing Director of Ricochet Publishing says, “Four years ago Ricochet Publishing began to develop its digital publishing platforms in earnest. Our objective was to ensure that we could offer not just an advertising campaign on a single media platform, but a marketing campaign across print, web, email and social media.”

The publishing statistics speak for themselves; 120 000 unique visitors to its various websites each month, 40 000 magazines printed each month, 40 000 email newsletter subscribers with over 2mil newsletters sent each month and 33 000 likes on its various Facebook pages.

“We can run a marketing campaign for a business that will reach a minimum of 100 000 unique potential customers repeatedly over a few days,” adds Graeme.

RNEWS is Ricochet Publishing’s most popular website and has an average of 75 000 unique users a month to the website over the past three months. In the same period in 2017, RNEWS averaged 45 000 unique visitors a month. This is a growth rate of 67%.

The company has a total of 17 franchises across three different brands covering almost every region of the country.

“Home Food and Travel is currently our fasted growing brand. We began franchising this brand in early 2017 and to date we have ten franchises country wide with three more in the development phase”, says Graeme

“Not only do we offer the traditional static advert but we also publish GIFS, articles and video. We can develop a marketing campaign that specifically targets a company’s market through a variety of media using a combination of adverts, video and content marketing and accurately report the statistics of the campaigns reach,” concludes Graeme.

For more information contact Graeme Lund on 082 556 4043 or email Graeme@ricochetpublishing.co.za