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Ricochet Publishing launches Business Link website

Aug 13, 2019
Ricochet Publishing launches Business Link website

Business Link Magazine is a brand well-known to businesses in the Eastern Cape. For many years this publication served the local business community.

However, in 2016 Ricochet Publishing, the owners of the brand, made the decision to discontinue printing Business Link magazine.

Graeme Lund, Managing Director of Ricochet Publishing, says, “The digital revolution hit print publishing a knockout blow. We anticipated the disruption and launched RNEWS in 2014 to provide a digital platform to support Business Link Magazine.”

RNEWS has gone from strength to strength in the past five years with 100 000 unique users currently visiting the website each month.

“Business Link Magazine was, in effect, a catalogue of business-to-business services. Google’s powerful search engine made catalogues of any nature redundant. Thanks to Google you can now find the printer, plumber, IT specialist or any other product or service provider closest to you with a search that will take a few seconds,” adds Graeme.

The transition from print to digital has been disruptive and confusing for all concerned. Businesses did not understand how best to use digital platforms for advertising, publishers had to relearn their business from scratch and marketing experts had to reconfigure their budgets.

“Ricochet Publishing has worked very hard to become an effective and well-read digital publisher. We reach 100 times more people a month through our digital platforms than we ever did when we were print publishers,” says Graeme.

From a marketers point of view digital publications are far more effective than print publications. Current research shows that almost 60% of all new customers are generated from digital marketing and advertising.

Graeme says, “RNEWS has served the Eastern Cape business community very effectively in the past few years. In fact, if you Google a business name and that businesses has an article on RNEWS, then our article will land up on the first page of the Google search result.”

Articles on a business, be it a review, press release, interview or just an article about a business, are hugely effective as a marketing tool. That is, of course, if the article is written correctly.

Graeme adds, “The Google optimised articles that we publish provide a number of benefits for the company that is the subject of the article.

“Our articles provide very valuable third party endorsement. They also increase the SEO of the businesses own website through backlinks. Thanks to the digital citations we place in the article we increase the ranking of the businesses Google Business listing and position on Google Maps searches too.

“Best of all, the article stay on our websites for as long as the website exists and so all the above benefits last much longer than a Facebook or Google paid advertising campaign.”

Up to now Ricochet Publishing has used RNEWS as the primary platform for business to business articles. This is about to change.

“One of the advantages of digital publishing is that it has allowed us to become a national rather than a regional publisher. RNEWS is very focused on the Eastern Cape and we needed a business to business platform to rach our national audience. The result was the recent launching of the Business Link website,” concludes Graeme.

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