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RNEWS continues to gain momentum - now mobile friendly

Mar 20, 2018
RNEWS continues to gain momentum - now mobile friendly

RNEWS continues to gain momentum.

Launched in July 2014, RNEWS today has gained a huge online readership with unique visitors to the website over the past few months averaging around 70 000.

This is excluding the number of people, who constantly engage with the website on its social media platforms as well as on our email newsletters.

By being online, RNEWS is in a better position to reach out to more people, regardless of geographical location – which also offers a win-win for our users and our advertisers looking to reach the wider audience.

In order to better meet the needs of its growing following, RNEWS is now mobile-friendly. This is after realising that many of our users are also engaging with the website ‘on-the-go’ via their mobile devices.

Aside from this development, our focus still remains to share only fact-based unadulterated news in a timeous manner. Our users do not have to wait for the next day’s paper to read about events happening in their area and as a policy, we have always steered away from intentionally sensationalising issues.

Feedback from our readers shows that they appreciate the manner in which we present our news.