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RNews grows exponentially

JULY 6, 2015
RNews grows exponentially

In the month of June, RNews had in excess of 53 000 unique users of its website in the Eastern Cape. This figure has grown exponentially with each successive month as more and more locals find that RNews is a good platform for accurate, local, Eastern Cape news.

The news website, just 10 months old, has proved to be very popular with both readers and advertisers alike. 

“Our objective is to provide our readership with up-to-date news on events, past, present and future, that may affect their lifestyle, business, security and future plans. We aim to give our readership this information in 2 minutes.

"As our readership consists mostly of people with very busy lives, we cut to the chase with our articles. We present the facts as accurately, briefly and as unemotionally as we can so that our readers have a complete understanding of the event on which we are reporting”, says Graeme Lund, the publisher of RNews.

Graeme adds, “We have a great mix of journalists, marketers and PR specialists and we work very hard and extremely creatively to ensure that we assist our advertisers with a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes print, email, internet and social media making use of both standard adverts and content marketing.”

RNews would also like to publish community articles, so if you have an upcoming event or a are expanding your business or your child has won an award please send this information to journalist3@ricochetpublishing.co.za.