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RNEWS reaches two new milestones

Dec 14, 2018
RNEWS reaches two new milestones

RNEWS has built its reputation on accurate reporting. Our objective is to provide our readers with clear, unambiguous and verified information on subjects that matter.

Graeme Lund, managing Director of Ricochet Publishing, who owns RNEWS, says, “We know that we can get more ‘clicks’ by being sensational in our content, writing style, headlines and subject matter. However, we have made a conscious decision to produce the facts in a clear, concise and unemotional manner.”

Despite this conservative approach RNEWS now has over 100 000 unique readers a month.

“The vast majority of our readers are successful – they do not need to enliven their lives with sensation. They want information on what is happening in their environment and use that to achieve more success,” adds Graeme.

In a few short years RNEWS has become the go to digital news portal for the Eastern Cape.

Graeme says, “We plan to expand RNEWS into the rest of the country. Three of our other brands already have a national footprint. We have just launched RNEWS Western Cape and will be launching RNEWS Gauteng and RNEWS KZN in 2019.”

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