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Road closures and noise during Armed Forces Week in Bay: SANDF

FEBRUARY 12, 2016
Road closures and noise during Armed Forces Week in Bay: SANDF

The South African National Defence Force hereby gives notice to all members of the public in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan and the surrounding areas of imminent road closures and noise pollution, due to the upcoming military activities related to the Armed Forces Week and Armed Forces Day military parade from the 13th of February till the 21st of February.

As a result of the magnitude of the various military activities and parade that will be taking place during this time, the community of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro and surrounding areas are warned that there will be road closures.

High volumes of noise including gun firings and manoeuvres by South African Air Force aircraft during capability displays will be experienced, while military convoys will be travelling in and out of the region.

The SANDF wishes to assure members of the public that no live ammunition will be used during all capability displays, parade rehearsals and demonstrations.


During the rehearsals there will also be extensive road closures in the Summerstrand and Humewood areas.  The following roads will be closed to allow for the parade participants to travel from the Army Support Base in Forrest Hill to the Beach road area (09h00 to 10h00) on the rehearsal days:

  • Forest Hill drive along its entire length
  • La Roche Drive, turning right into Strandfontein Rd, turning left into 2nd Ave, turning left into Beach Road.
  • Beach Road will be closed on the rehearsal days from 1st Ave to Driftsands Drive from 09h00 to 13h00 on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 Feb.

The Armed Forces Day Celebrations (Sunday 21 February 2016).

In the morning there will be wreath laying ceremony at the SS Mendi memorial at the corner of Mendi Rd and Avenue in New Brighton.  This event will only be attended by a small number of invited guests.  The roads around this area will be closed from 07h00 to 09h00.  This will be followed by the Armed Forces Day parade at the corner of Beach Road and Brookes Hill Road. 

The same arrangement for the parade rehearsals will be in place, except that the roads will be closed earlier.  The times for the road closures will be from 06h00 to 07h00 to allow for the convoys to make their way to the Beach Road Area. The following roads will be closed during this period:

  • Forest Hill drive along its entire length
  • La Roche Drive, turning right into Strandfontein Rd, turning left into 2nd Ave, turning left into Beach Road.
  • Beach road will be closed on the 21st days from 1st Ave to Driftsands Drive from 05h00 to 14h00. 
  • La Roche Drive (between Beach Rd and Strandfontein Rd) will be closed from 05h00 to 14hoo as well on the 21stof Feb.

Once the SANDF vehicles pass the podium (at approximately 11h30) and the convoy will turn into La Roche Road (on the wrong side), they will do the correction at the intersection of Strandfontein and La Roche again.

However, on the 21st of the Feb, the abnormal size vehicles will return back to the Army Support Base, whilst the rest of the military convoy will proceed on a tour of the Metro.  The convoy will be travelling along the following roads:

  • Driftsands, turning left into
  • Humewood Rd, continuing straight to the Settlers Highway (N2),
  • Driving 20km on the N2, turning
  • Left in R335 (St George Str)
  • Left in Ngedle Str
  • Left in Tyinira Str
  • Right in Dibanisa Rd
  • Left in Daku Str
  • Right in Struanway
  • Left in Spondo St
  • Left in R75 (Uitenhage Rd)
  • Left onto N2 (Settlers Highway)
  • Right in Walmer Blvd
  • Left in Forest Hill

Whilst this convoy is driving through the Metro, the Military Capability Demonstration will be held at the Kings Beach area.  The main difference with the rehearsals and the actual capability demonstration on the 21st is that there will be several pyrotechnics exploding on Kings Beach close to the MacArthur Pools area.  This will be to simulate the “battle conditions” during the capability demonstration.  For safety reasons the first 500 meters of Kings Beach close to MacArthur Pools will be closed to the public from 05h00 to 17h00 on the 21st in order to prepare the pyrotechnics.

Once the capability demonstration is completed and the celebrations are completed.  The Military exhibition at the Kings Beach area will close at 15h00 in order to allow the SANDF a well-deserved rest.  The SA Navy ships will return to the harbor and all participants will return to the Army Support Base for a celebratory function.

All of the SANDF members will leave the Port Elizabeth area from 22 to 24 February.

It must be repeated that during the entire event there will be extensive noise from aircraft and cannons. Pet owners must please be aware of this. 

The public can also rest assured that the SANDF is very environmentally conscious and all possible efforts will be made to reduce any negative impact on the environment.  Some of these measures include:

  • Extensive notices to all pet owners about the event.
  • Making use of several recycling service providers to recycle the waste generated by the event.
  • Making use of bio-degradable plates and cutlery for the meals.
  • Ensuring that the Kings Beach area is cleaned and there are no pyrotechnics left after the events.

Members of the public can tune into Radio 104 FM from Wednesday the 17th of February to follow all Armed Forces Week and Armed Forces Day celebrations and activities.

In all the road and street closures, there will be traffic officers and military police to supervise the flow of traffic and to conduct point duties.

The SANDF apologises for any inconvenience caused.

For more information regarding road closures, please visit the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan website: www.mandelametro.gov.za and www.dod.mil.za