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Robbers pretending to be traffic cops make off with booze worth thousands of Rands

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 28, 2018
Robbers pretending to be traffic cops make off with booze worth thousands of Rands

Police in Port Elizabeth have appealed for help in getting back a consignment of liquor and arresting the suspects after a truck was hijacked by men, who pretended to be traffic control officers, before allegedly offloading all the liquor on Tuesday.

The hijacked liquor delivery truck was recovered on Tuesday afternoon after police found it abandoned in Kleinskool, on the Old Uitenhage Road, close to the fire station.

Apparently, the truck was hijacked on the N2 close to Cotswold, Kleinskool after robbers in a VW with a blue lights mounted to the dashboard pretended to be traffic officers and pulled the truck over.

According to the police spokesperson, Captain Andre Beetge, the driver of the truck “thought it was police and obliged by pulling off the freeway.

“According to the 53-year-old driver, two armed suspects then got into the truck with him and ordered him to drive.”

He said that at the John Talant off-ramp, he was taken from the truck and placed lying down in the Polo, which later dropped him off close to the old railway station in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth.

The driver managed to walk to New Brighton police station to open the hijacking case.

Also according to the driver, there was a cargo of eight pallets of liquor on the truck, but the truck was found empty when police recovered the vehicle.

Police have appealed to any person with information on the stolen liquor worth hundreds of thousands of Rands, or any information that could assist police in tracking the suspects or their vehicle, should contact their closest police station or phone toll free on 08600 10111.