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Roof Garden Bar hosting a food drive at 'after work drinks' social event

Sep 4, 2018
Roof Garden Bar hosting a food drive at 'after work drinks' social event

Two young Port Elizabeth entrepreneurs, who also happen to be the owners of The Grand and Roof Garden Bar, Tarquin De Vega and Augustine Martin, have given their loyal patrons more reason to attend the upcoming ‘after work drinks’ event.

The event, which is meant to be a space to enjoy good music and a great atmosphere after a long day at work, will also be a food collection drive for Ntombi’s Kids Charity Soup Kitchen.

The soup kitchen was started by Ntomboluntu Thandai, who states the following as her motivation for starting the soup kitchen: “I had a dream of making a difference in someone’s life by sharing from what I have and giving to the poor”.

The soup kitchen is currently catering for plus minus seventy children and adults. Ntomboluntu relies on the assistance of her sister in running the initiative.

She also adds that “I would like to cook every day if possible but I do not have the funds to do so”.

The desire to give back to the Port Elizabeth community was a driving force behind the decision of the two businessmen to use the monthly event as a food drive for the soup kitchen.

The event will be held on 7 September and starts from 16:00 PM until 12:00 AM. The entrance for the event is free of charge.

For more information you can contact:

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