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Roux brands SA police inefficient

Roux brands SA police inefficient

The lawyer for Paralympian athlete, Oscar Pistorius, has blamed police inefficiency for failing to convict more criminals.

Defence lawyer, Barry Roux, reportedly made the comments while addressing law students at the University of the Witwatersrand yesterday under the topic ‘Does our criminal justice system work as it should – from when a crime is committed through to the trial?’

“There’s tardiness; they don’t take the docket to court – sometimes they don’t take it because they sold it. Or sometimes they don’t take it because they have misfiled it,” Roux was quoted as saying.

He added that the biggest problem facing South Africa was that criminals commit offences knowing that “there’s a fair chance they won’t get caught – or if arrested, won’t get tried.”

Roux also called upon police to 'wake-up' and cited certain court procedures as the reason for delaying trails, saying “if justice is delayed long enough, people don’t show up any more or simply forget what happened”. 


IMAGE sourced from www.7am.co.za