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RTMC urges drivers to be cautious as Festive Season traffic picks up

Dec 13, 2018
RTMC urges drivers to be cautious as Festive Season traffic picks up

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) warns motorists to exercise extreme caution during the festive period as traffic volumes are expected to peak while holidaymakers travel to various holiday destinations.

"High traffic volumes are expected during the 14 – 16 December and 21- 24 December long weekends, and between 4- 6 January as travellers head back home prior to the reopening of schools and industries," the RTMC said.

"The South African Weather Service also warns of heavy rains in most parts of the country during the upcoming weekend and all road users are advised to be extra cautious on slippery roads and follow the road safety tips listed below to ensure a reduction in lives lost on the roads during the 2018/19 festive period."

Road safety tips from the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) 

• Always cross the road at designated pedestrian crossings.
• Pedestrians should avoid the use of earphones or headsets whilst using the road.
• Wear reflective clothing at all times and remain visible during day or night.
• Pedestrians must be alert and able to judge the speed and distance of approaching vehicles.
• Don’t drink and walk.
• Don’t walk on freeways.
• Pedestrians must resist the temptation of jaywalking.

• Take breaks every 2 hours or after 200km of driving when travelling long distance.
• If you start yarning or feeling tired pull off the road where it is safe to do so and rest.
• Always look out for pedestrians on the road.
• Don’t overtake on a barrier line or steep uphill.
• Keep a safe following distance.
• Don’t overload your vehicle.
• Don’t text and drive.
• Don’t answer calls whilst driving.
• Do not drink and drive

"In South Africa, the legal limit for alcohol in a driver bloodstream is 0.05g/100ml; and for professional drivers is 0.02g/100ml," the RTMC said.

"Being below the limit does not automatically lower your risk of being involved in a crash, rather not drink and drive at all."

Vehicle fitness
• Ensure your tyres are in good condition.
• Ensure the wiper blades are still effective.
• Ensure your braking and steering system are in excellent condition.
• Replace the windscreen if cracked.
• Ensure the lights are working.

• Always wear your seatbelt.
• If your child is still too young for a seatbelt, ensure your child is properly restrained in a child seat or booster seat.

"Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility, one life lost on the road is one life too many."

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