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SA Child Care Managing Director hosts Workshop in Port Elizabeth

By Jesica Slabbert - Feb 24, 2018
SA Child Care Managing Director hosts Workshop in Port Elizabeth

The Managing Director of the South African Childcare Association, Anton van der Merwe, hosted a workshop at the new SA Childcare Training Offices at the Walmer Downs Family Centre in Port Elizabeth.

The workshop was meant to help sensitise nursery schools, their owners and principals, about the current changes taking place to nursery schools when they will be separated from Grade R learning facilities in 2019.

This is because there are some nursery schools that have a nursery division as well as a Grade R division, but the government is considering a change in this as they would like young learners to be in the same institution from Grade R until Grade 7.

“We have to be a little proactive as this is just one of the aspects. One of the things we will do, and we have told this to the nursery schools as well, is we will assist them to register as independent primary schools, which will then give them an opportunity to keep on with their Grade R students,” said Anton to RNEWS.

“They can then go on to do Grades one, two and three, or however far they want to go.”

During the workshop, they also spoke about the business side of nursery schools, and how most owners of nursery schools come from a teaching background rather than a business background.

They also discussed the training that SA Childcare offers a they have just opened their own branch office in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, so they can focus on the people in the Eastern Cape who need the training.

“The training is geared at equipping teachers to handle their environment, to be more equipped with handling the children, and first aid. We are trying to look at upskilling,” said Liesel Petrie, the Eastern Cape representative for SA Childcare.

SA Childcare is a support system for nursery schools in terms of business as well as training for the teachers and assistants. 

 “We will definitely have more workshops in PE as we grow our association in this area,” said Anton.

“A successful nursery school is one that gives the kids what they need. It’s all about the kids, not the school, and that’s the most important thing.”