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SA Decor & Design: Two decades of dedication

Nov 21, 2016
SA Decor & Design: Two decades of dedication

Two decades in and the SA Decor & Design team show no sign of slowing down. Expanding and growing from year to year, founders Marcia Margolius and Ian Hurwitz have taken the brand from thought to inception to an immersive brand, dedicating their expertise and knowledge of the industry across a mix of media platforms including a world class website www.sadecor.co.za , an annual printed SA DÉCOR and DESIGN – The  Buyers Guide and award winning “Marcia Loves It” blog, created to promote our clients, create awareness and support their vision and relationships.

Their 20th anniversary Décor & Design Buyers Guide cannot go unnoticed. The combination of hard work, drive and ambition has resulted in a colourful and dynamic ode to the past 20 editions, a new and improved world class website with image rich listings, downloadable or flippable catalogues in the decorlogue hub,and if you need to buy something now an online shopping hub is now available.

Marcia and her team provide strong editorial narratives in the ‘Marcia Loves It’ blog. The brand has reached global recognition and received several nods of appreciation, acknowledgement and honour for the work they do.

For all this to happen, it took a strong partnership to complement their skill sets and match them up to make an imprint in the industry. Noticing a gap in the industry for an all-encompassing guide to sourcing décor products, Marcia quickly seized the opportunity to develop a publication that would not only talk to the industry but to décor and design enthusiasts across the country. Twenty years later and they aren’t slowing down.

Coming on board early on, Ian was the perfect match to join the company with years of retail and marketing experience. He took the book into a world class digital platform as the generation opportunities expanded. While Ian has the foresight, he is also involved with the entire team from sales to publishing and has the business brain that has taken the guide where it is today. He understands products and knows how to market them in all the levels.

Together they aim to build long lasting relationships with all current and new clients to establish their brands in the industry. With passion, finesse and creativity, their teamwork has allowed them to stay abreast of both local and international trends, providing spotlights on what keeps them inspired and ensure their clients get the narrative they imagined.

With regular clients being featured, as well as evolving relationships with advertising, digital and PR companies, SA décor and design act as a platform for exposure, storytelling and support in this ever expanding industry.

Located in the Design Hub of the city of Cape Town to keep connected to the pulse of the city, their 20th edition is part of their legacy, and each time they see it on one of their client’s shelves, it feeds them as a reward for all the dedication they have put in.