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SA Post Office and striking workers reach agreement, ending strike

Jul 19, 2018
SA Post Office and striking workers reach agreement, ending strike

The South African Post Office (SAPO) on Thursday announced that it had reached an agreement over salary increases and other substantive issues with striking workers represented by the Communication Workers Union (CWU), the Democratic Postal Workers Union (DEPACU), and the SA Postal Workers Union (SAPWU).

"This has brought an end to the strike, which started on 3 July 2018," said SAPO spokesperson, Johan Kruger.

"In terms of the agreement, Post Office employees across the board will receive a salary increase of 6,5%, backdated to 1 April 2018.

"Furthermore, the contracted working hours for permanent part time employees, have been moved from 21.5 hours per week to 27.5 hours per week."

Kruger said that 500 of these positions are earmarked to be phased in as permanent full-time employees in due course, following an appropriate process. 

"Accumulated mail is expected to take roughly 20 work days to be processed.

"SAPO appreciated the importance of the SASSA project and is committed to work closely with its employees to ensure the livelihoods of the most vulnerable are not put under unnecessary strain," he added.

"Meanwhile, SAPO has reached a milestone of migrating 2.2 million SASSA beneficiaries to the new SASSA/SAPO issued gold card.

"We want to assure all beneficiaries that the IT challenges that impacted last month’s payment run have been resolved. We encourage all social grant beneficiaries to migrate to the new gold SASSA/SAPO card at pay-points."