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SA Post Office COO and Acting CEO resigns

Oct 12, 2015
SA Post Office COO and Acting CEO resigns

Mlu Mathonsi, acting Group CEO, is leaving the SA Post Office owing to personal reasons and the Board will now focus on finding his replacement alongside the recruitment of a new GCEO.

“He indicated his intentions to leave the SA Post Office having joined in July 2014. I can confirm that his departure is amicable,” explained Dr Simo Lushaba, Chairperson of the SA Post Office Board. 

He expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the role Mathonsi played during the height of the turbulent times at the SA Post Office.

“The Administration period was very intricate based on the fact that the SA Post Office faced real near implosion. Mathonsi made immense contribution towards both the immediate stabilisation of the operations and the development of the Strategic Turnaround of the SA Post Office,” Dr Lushaba added.

He said that as a direct consequence of the committed teamwork by all the parties – Shareholder, labour partners, Mathonsi and his team, and the Administration team – our operations have been stable for more than ten months already following a well-reported four-month strike in 2014.

“The recent appointment of the full-strength board, which possesses various essential business skills, provides the necessary impetus to the implementation of the new strategy whose core tenets are geared to ensure a reliable service to our customers,” he stated.

Dr Lushaba said that the SA Post Office is also being positioned to become the trusted partner for the facilitation of government services to communities throughout the country; mentioning that the SA Post Office has 2500 service networks and delivers more than 3 million mail items weekly to 11 million addresses.

“The fact that government has entrusted us with a partnership to facilitate the provision of 5.2 million subsidised decoders to needy households in South Africa during the course of the change-over to digital television transmissions, hands us a great opportunity to demonstrate our value proposition,” he said.

Dr Lushaba said that the SA Post Office is currently completing the crucial Exco appointments; with four of these appointments and a new Company Secretary having already been made.

“This exercise of stabilizing leadership forms a crucial aspect of ensuring the success of the turnaround of the SA Post Office.”