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SA Post Office makes it easy to send money to Uganda

SEPTEMBER 14, 2015
SA Post Office makes it easy to send money to Uganda

The SA Post Office has introduced an affordable and simple money transfer service to and from Uganda. This follows the introduction of a similar service to Zimbabwe and Botswana in November 2014.

Individual customers can send amounts of up to R5 000 per month from any online post office in South Africa to any post office in Uganda.  There is no limit on the amount that can be sent from Uganda to South Africa.

Affordability and the immediate availability of funds are important benefits to customers.   According to the World Bank, 20% of money sent from South Africa is spent on getting that money to its destination.

Many of the foreign citizens working in South Africa have dependents in their home country and therefore have a need to send money to their respective families back home continuously.

Developed specially for postal administrations worldwide, the system uses very little data into order to accommodate slow networks. Even where a post office is connected by a cellphone network with only edge reception, the system still works reliably. 

For security purposes, the sender can choose a secret code or message and then communicate that to the receiver. This acts as a secret code that the recipient must provide to confirm his/her identity.

The sender needs to present copies of his or her passport or identity document and utility bill (such as a landline telephone or municipal account) upon collection. The recipient can collect the money from any post office in the destination country – in this case Uganda, Zimbabwe or Botswana.