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SA Post Office Strike Update: Labour Court judgement reserved until tomorrow

Mar 5, 2015
SA Post Office Strike Update: Labour Court judgement reserved until tomorrow

Judgment has been reserved until tomorrow in the court case where the SA Post Office lodged an urgent application at the Labour Court to set aside the certificate of non-resolution and stop any industrial action.

“This essentially means that it is illegal for employees to engage in any industrial action until the Labour Court judgment is heard,” said Mlu Mathonsi, acting Group CEO.

Industrial action

The SA Post Office on Thursday morning announced that I had put in place contingency measures in order to ensure that operations proceed unhindered following a 48-hour notice by the Communication Workers Union (CWU) to embark on an industrial action on Thursday. 

Acting Group CEO, Mr Mlu Mathonsi, had said: “We anticipate that the industrial action will have minimal interruptions, if any, on our services given that this action involves only CWU members. Additionally, their notice specifies only work-to-rule privileges for two weeks.”

“This means,” he explained, “that the employees taking part in the industrial action will still be working according to minimum work requirements, save for any additional work schedules. We have devised measures to ensure minimal services obstructions during the industrial action as we carry on with our increased attentiveness of the impact of services interruptions on our business and customers.”

Mathonsi said that they remain committed to discussions with all labour unions in their attempt to achieve a stable working environment for the company.

“It is in the interest of all the affected parties, and particularly the sustainability of the SA Post Office, that frank discussions continue on all areas of concern. A strike at this point, in all conscience, is not a desirable outcome for the SA Post Office.”