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SA poverty increasing

SA poverty increasing

Figures released by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) have shown that the country’s poverty level increased by over a percent between 2010 and 2014.

Speaking at the release of the report, Stats SA statistician general, Pali Lehohla, said that during 2010, South Africa’s rate of poverty stood at 20%, but went up to 21.5% by the end of 2014. He also revealed that an average food basket with the recommended energy requirements went up from R321 per month to R355 within the four years later.

“The same is true for the austere poverty line, which stipulates the threshold below which one has to sacrifice some food to obtain some basic non-food items,” Lehohla said, adding that despite the increase in living costs, South Africa continued to fare better than other countries with the food poverty line standing at R26 per person per day, almost double the internationally recognised extreme poverty threshold of R14 per person per day.

“This means that, on average, South Africans are enjoying relatively higher living standards compared to many populations across the world,” he added.


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