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SA scores low on corruption index rating

By Charl Bosch - Dec 3, 2014
SA scores low on corruption index rating

Transparency International's rating of South Africa in the 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) indicated a significant problem in the country, Corruption Watch (CW) said on Wednesday. The non-profit organisation said in a statement that South Africa scored 44 out of 100, where 0 indicates a perception that a country is highly corrupt.

Of the 175 countries scored, South Africa ranked 67th out of the 175 countries surveyed. Last year South Africa scored 42 and was ranked 72nd out of 177.

Out of the top 10 countries, Denmark has continued to be the least corrupted with its score increasing from 91 in 2013, to 92 this year. The remaining nine countries includes New Zealand (91), Finland (89), Sweden (87), Norway (86), Switzerland (86), Singapore (84), the Netherlands (83), Luxembourg (82) and Canada (81).

With a joint score of eight, Somalia and North Korea were judged as being the countries with the highest levels of corruption, closely followed by Sudan (11), Afghanistan (12), South Sudan (15), Iraq (16), Turkmenistan (17), Uzbekistan (18) and Libya also with 18.

The complete list can be viewed here