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SA top 20 schools 1st team water polo boys’, girls’ rankings – five EC schools in each

By Marc Jacobson - Mar 8, 2017
SA top 20 schools 1st team water polo boys’, girls’ rankings – five EC schools in each

The schools boys’ and girls’ water polo rankings, in association with NMRQL and MyComLink, have collaborated South Africa’s schools’ 1st team rankings based on their results and the quality of the respective schools’ oppositions in such results.

The algorithm used to calculate the rankings utilizes schools that have played a minimum of 20 water polo matches throughout the 2016/17 schools’ summer season.

The top 20 schools boys’ and girls’ 1st team water polo rankings have been compiled, with the Eastern Province and Border-based schools lending a significant footprint in each set.

Grey High from PE are the boys’ flag bearers for Eastern Cape – ranked in at 8th in South Africa’s boys’ top 20 after winning 22, losing seven and drawing four out of 33 games in the current seasonal fold.

Last weekend, Grey High partook in the KES Water Polo Tournament and ended fourth after slumping to Rondebosch from Cape Town 8-3 in the third/fourth play-off.

In prior results at the tournament, Grey High lost to Bishops (Cape Town) 10-7 (semis), beat Hilton (Durban) 12-10 (quarters, beat Maritzburg College (Pietermaritzburg) 21-5, beat KES (Johannesburg) 5-2 and beat Jeppe Boys’ (Johannesburg) 11-4.

Other than Grey High, there sees four schools from EP and Border in the boys’ top 20 rankings respectively, namely: St. Andrews College (Grahamstown), Selborne College (East London), Stirling (East London) and Pearson High (PE).

St. Andrews College, ranked 10th in the country, won the Plate Final at the KES Water Polo Tournament last weekend, meaning they came ninth overall. This relatively justifies the Grahamstown school's 10th country placement after acclaiming this title in contention amongst South Africa's best water polo schools. 

Having won a total 21 games out of 35; losing nine and drawing five – St. Andrews’ path to the KES Plate title saw them beat Pretoria Boys’ (Pretoria) 7-5 (final), St. Johns (Johannesburg) 6-4 (semis), DHS (Durban) 8-7 (quarters), beat Parktown Boys’ (Johannesburg) 11-2, after losing 10-4 to Rondebosch (Cape Town) and Clifton (Durban) 8-6.

Selborne College are ranked 12th, Stirling 13th and Pearson 18th in the country’s top 20 boys’ schools water polo rankings respectively.

Selborne last five results: lost to Bishops (Cape Town) 1-0, lost to Reddam (Cape Town) 7-1, beat Grey College (Bloemfontein) 6-5, beat Stirling 6-5 and beat Grey High 6-4. Selborne have played a total 29 games, won 20, lost eight and drew one.

Stirling last five results: lost to Bishops 5-1, lost to Selborne 6-5, beat Grey College 6-3, beat Grey High 9-5 and beat Crawford Lonehill 7-0. Stirling has won a total 21 matches out of 31, lost nine and drew one.

Pearson last five results: beat Graeme College (Grahamstown) 18-0, lost to Reddam 8-3, beat Michaelhouse (Durban) 7-2, lost to St. Andrews 8-2 and beat St. Albans (Pretoria) 4-2. Pearson has played a total 34 games, won 20, lost 12 and drew two.

In the girls’ top 20 water polo rankings, the Eastern Cape schools are evidently more accomplished, with two EC schools in the top three alone. Waving the EC flag for the girls’ is Border’s Stirling, ranked second in the country. EP’s Pearson has snuck in to rank third on the country’s rankings.

Other than the aforementioned two schools, there sees three other EC schools in the top 20 girls’ rankings, namely: Collegiate Girls’ (PE) ranking 10th, Kingswood (Grahamstown) ranking 13th and Clarendon (EL) ranking 15th.

Stirling last five results: beat Crawford (Johannesburg) 10-4, beat St. Stithians (Johannesburg) 4-3, beat Reddam 2nd 4-0, beat St. Marys 5-1 (Johannesburg) and St. Annes 7-1 (Durban). Stirling have won an astonishing 36 out 38 games this season and lost just two.

Pearson last five results: beat Collegiate 5-1, beat St. Stithians 4-1, lost to Crawford 8-7, beat St. Marys 5-4 and beat Alexander Road 8-4. Having played a total 43 games, Pearson have won 36 and lost seven.

Collegiate last five results: lost to Pearson 5-1, lost to St. Peters (Johannesburg) 5-1, lost to St. Marys 4-1, beat Westerford (Cape Town) 7-2, beat Kingsmead (Durban) 3-1 and lost to Kingswood 5-3. Collegiate have won 21 and lost 14 matches out of a total 35.

Kingswood last five results: lost to St. Stithians 4-3, beat Herschel (Cape Town) 11-10, beat Maris Stella (Durban) 10-0, lost to Reddam 3-2 and beat Collegiate 5-3. Out of 41 games, Kingswood have won 25, lost 15 and drew one.       

Clarendon last five results: lost to Crawford 5-2, beat St. Peters 6-5, lost to St. Stithians 5-0, beat Pretoria Girls’ 5-1 and lost to Reddam 2nd 3-2. Having played a total 34 games, Clarendon have won 17, lost 15 and drew two.  

Full top 20 rankings for boys’ and girls’:

Top 20 boys’:

1). Rondebosch

2). Glenwood

3). St. Stithians

4). Clifton

5). St. Johns

6). Bishops

7). Reddam Constantia

8). Grey High

9). SACS

10). St. Andrews College

11). KES

12). Selborne College

13). Stirling

14). Hilton

15). Pretoria Boys’

16). DHS

17). Paul Roos

18). Pearson

19). Jeppe Boys’

20). Affies

Top 20 girls’:

1). St. Stithians

2). Stirling

3). Pearson

4). Crawford

5). Reddam Constantia

6). St. Marys Waverly

7). Durban Girls’

8). St. Dominics

9). Herschel

10). Collegiate

11). St. Peters

12). Westerford

13). Kingswood

14). Durban Girls’

15). Calrendon

16). Springfield

17). St. Anne’s

18). Thomas More

19). Roedean SA

20). St. Marys Kloof