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SAA: Myeni’s comments spurs racial tension – VF+

SAA: Myeni’s comments spurs racial tension – VF+

The Freedom Front Plus (VF+) has accused embattled South African Airways’ (SAA) Chairperson, Dudu Myeni, of spurring racial tension after the carrier on Monday alleged that one of its pilots was behind a complot to sabotage the steering mechanism of a plane, that was to be flown by a black colleague.

In a statement yesterday, SAA Pilot Association Head John Harty said members of the Hawks took him in for questioning about the complot on Friday, but maintained no shred of evidence exist tying him with the rumours.

Harty, who had been a vocal critic of Meyni’s recent comments that pilots were a contributing factor in the airline’s ongoing financial difficulties, stated while he would cooperate with the investigation, “neither I nor my association will be intimidated and forced to back down in our efforts to ensure that the SAA board is replaced by people with aviation management expertise”.

Speaking in reaction, VF+ Parliamentary spokesperson Anton Alberts said the allegations were not “irresponsible”, but also amounted to racism and “unnecessary pressure on people responsible for the lives of hundreds”.

“These allegations cannot remain untested in the air like a sword over the heads of white pilots. Whoever made these allegations will have to produce evidence or the allegations must be withdrawn,” Alberts said.

“The racist comments of Myeni can no longer be tolerated. Her comments follow the well-known pattern of blame being placed on white people to detract from the failures of the state and state institutions, such as the SAA”.